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Tattoo & Art Studio in The Hague

Stamen Tattoo is the tattoo studio for realistic tattoos. We are located at Laan van Meerdervoort 189a in The Hague. Feel free to drop by our studio for a cup of coffee from our barista or to talk about a project.

02 - Tattoo Styles

Our specialization

Stamen Tattoo specializes in creating realistic tattoos. In addition to this, you can also contact us for similar and related styles.

realistic tattoo

Realism has been part of the art of art for centuries, but it was not until the late 20th century that it made its appearance in the field of tatoo art. Realistc tatooing is based on photography, using 3 dimensional approximation and graduated shading to bring the result as close to the real image as possible.

This includes portraits, animals, landscapes, objects, movie scenes, etc. Realistc Tatoos has two basic styles: black and gray realistic and color realistic


Blackwork - has its origins in ancient tribal tattooing, but a wide range of dark art, illustrative and graphic art, etching and engraving, and even calligraphy and lettering can be found in this style, using black ink only, of course.


Dotwork is a technique where an image is created using only dots, and it is usually created in black and gray, either the whole image or just the shadow.

03 - For best results

Our partners

In order to do our job as well as possible, we work with the best materials and products.

An amazing artist with golden finger work. I would go to Mircea anytime. Always calm and ready to put his signature work on my human canvas. Thanks for your artwork!
He is a very talented artist he has the ability to create a real life image on your body he is critical on his own work and very accurate! If you would like a dope tattoo he is the place to be !
Mircea takes you serious with every tattoo. Everything is very clean. There is always a cup of coffee. It's very beautiful what he makes. I recommend him to everyone.

Tattoo shop the hague

If you are looking for a good tattoo shop The Hague, you have now found it: Stamen Tattoo. This is the tattoo studio for realistic tattoos. It is good that you consider at your leisure what your wishes are if you want a tattoo. How big can the tattoo be, what colors and what shapes? Perhaps there is still a certain style that appeals to you enormously, you can also express your wishes about that. Someone will always think along with you about the best option for your tattoo.

Tattoo the hague

Would you like to get a beautiful tattoo in The Hague quickly? This is possible at Stamen Tattoo and then you are certainly at the right place for beautiful realistic work. Many people have already gone before you, but it is now up to you to find out what your wishes are. Everything you wish can be realised, but first have a look at what appeals to you. You can always look at tattoos that have already been done, so that you can be inspired by them.

the hague tattoo

Perhaps you have been wanting a tattoo for a while, then you can opt for The Hague tattoo. This is the most appropriate time to gather information and make choices. You may already have a design of what kind of tattoo it will be for you! Otherwise, it can always be custom made for you, it will then be adjusted until it meets your needs.

Best tattoo shop the hague

Stamen Tattoo is the best tattoo studio The Hague for you! You can always come by and get to know us. In this way you know who we are and what kind of work can be delivered. This way you can be well inspired and see why we are the best tattoo shop in The Hague.

tattoo studio the hague

You have now found a good tattoo studio The Hague, a good time to find out what kind of tattoo you would like to have. The specialist is happy to do it for you and that is why it is important that you only choose the best tattoo studio The Hague!


A good tattoo shop The Hague can realize your dream. It is nice that you can already work on this, because a design can be made quickly and the appointment to get the tattoo can also be scheduled quickly. A great moment to look forward to and so you know what the good tattoo shop The Hague can do for you.

Tattoo shop the hague center

If you visit the tattoo shop The Hague center, you can make your dream come true. It is very personal what your wishes are, but what matters is that you have something beautiful placed that meets your wishes. You have plenty of time to find out what you want at Stamen Tattoo and to pass it on to us. We will do everything we can to realize the most beautiful tattoo for you!

Tattoo artist the hague

The best tattoo artist The Hague can be found at Stamen Tattoo. Here you will quickly learn more about tattoos The Hague and that's a good thing! So let yourself be informed about the possibilities, but also about the working method and what the costs are. All questions are answered quickly by the specialists of Stamen Tattoo and so you quickly know what the best tattoo artist The Hague can do for you.