Tattoo arm

The arm remains a popular place for a (first) tattoo, and that is understandable. sleeve tattoos you probably know as large collections of tattoos on the arm that together form a whole. But did you know that a sleeve doesn't always have to cover the entire arm? We understand that it is difficult to choose a design for your tattoo. After all, the options for a tattoo arm are endless. Hopefully we can help you a bit more with the examples below.

Names, letters and lines

A name tattoo, lettering tattoo or line tattoo is a popular option for a tattoo arm because of its often small area. In addition, a few letters or a short name can often be placed quickly and easily. Because a name, letters or some lines are often a bit smaller, it is a good choice for a first arm tattoo. However, this does not mean that you have to compromise on creativity and originality.

A tattoo is always personal, no matter how big or small it is. A word or letters can mean a lot to you. Perhaps you would like to carry the name of a loved one with you forever. It is also possible that you value a certain date. This can be immortalized on your body in all kinds of fonts and sizes.


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Line tattoo, mainly fine line tattoo, has gained more and more ground in recent years when it comes to small tattoos. The combination of the small surface and the detailed work makes it a perfect tattoo arm.

Tattoo arm

A realistic tattoo

If you have less with graphic, you can also go for a realistic tattoo arm. You can think of a portrait tattoo of a loved one or your favorite artist. In addition, an animal tattoo can also be realistically placed. A wolf tattoo, lion tattoo, or flower tattoo can be put down as a photo with beautiful shadow work.

A tribal tattoo on your arm

The tribal tattoo is also unabatedly popular. A tattoo arm is perfect for a tribal tattoo. These are often in the context of a cultural background: think of Polynesian or Maori peoples who traditionally wore and wear these tattoos themselves according to tradition.

Your own arm tattoo

As you have read, the options for your arm tattoo are endless. A design is always made in collaboration with one of our talented tattoo artists. They can help you bring your own design to life, or surprise you with a design based on your wishes. Contact us for more information. We are happy to welcome you back in our studio!