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It is understandable that you want to orient yourself well before you have your tattoo done in The Hague. Especially when you want to go for a realistic tattoo, such as a portrait or animal tattoo, it is important not to go for just any tattoo artist. After all, you will understand that the one tattoo artist is not the other. Every artist has different qualities and expertise, and we naturally want to respect them all. We can think along with you about the wishes of your upcoming tattoo.


A tattoo in The Hague is done in no time: especially in recent years, the shops have sprung up. However, that does not mean that you will just get the result you are looking for at the first tattoo artist. Especially tattoo artists who do realistic tattoos are hard to find. That is not surprising: mastering realistic tattooing takes an enormous amount of time and investment. However, these two can only develop when they stand on a strong foundation of talent.


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Tattoo The Hague

Our tattoo artists

Our tattoo shop in The Hague mainly focuses on realistic tattoos. Our tattoo artists are true artists who understand and have mastered the art of hyper realistic and micro-realistic tattooing. These styles of tattoos are characterized by their realistic appearance. By focusing on details, these tattoos look like photographs.

However, we don't just do realistic tattoos. You can also contact us for a graphic design, dot work or clean fine lines. These styles have grown in popularity in recent years, and also require a focus and expertise from the tattoo artist. Each tattoo can in principle be set by our diverse and talented team.

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It is difficult to excel in the wide range of tattoo shops and tattoo artists in The Hague. Nevertheless, we manage to provide you with the most talented artists and guest artists from home and abroad. Please feel free to contact us if you are considering making the move for your next (or first) tattoo. We would like to invite you to our studio - where we can discuss a beautiful and original design with you.