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Stamen Tattoo is the tattoo artist for realistic tattoos. We can design and set any desired design for you.

Often there is a design in your head that has not yet been fully drawn up. That is why it is nice to have an artist who thinks along with you. At Stamen Tattoo we think it is very important that you eventually walk out the door with a great tattoo. We are therefore happy to help you draw up your next design. Want some more tattoo inspiration for now? On this page you will find several unique tattoos that we have been able to put on in recent years.

Check out the most beautiful tattoo examples per subject below

Realistic tattoo examples
3D tattoo example
Animal tattoo example

Surreal tattoo examples
Japanese tattoo example
Phenix tattoo example
Angle tattoo example

Text tattoo examples
Name tattoo example
Number tattoo example


At Stamen Tattoo we make unique tattoos in our studio every day. Our tattoo artists have built up a lot of experience over the years in putting different types of tattoos. 

We are also able to think along with you about a tattoo example. We'd love to help you find a great tattoo that you'll want to keep looking at!

Tattoo example impressions