realistic tattoo

A realistic tattoo, also called realistic tattoo, often seems indistinguishable from the real thing. A realistic tattoo normally has few lines but consists of a lot of shadow.

Realistic tattoos usually come in the form of animals or portraits. In addition, it is also possible to put flowers and plants on your body as realistically as possible. Thanks to the application of shadows and 3D effects, it is possible to give a tattoo a real face. Our artist does need a clear example for this, so that it is possible to put the tattoo as well as possible. The tattoo artist needs a good reference to ensure that the tattoo also resembles the design you have in mind.

A tattoo realism is a challenging style that not every tattoo shop can offer. It is very difficult to transfer an image into a tattoo as well as possible. That is why it is very important that you choose a tattoo artist with years of experience in the field of lighting and contrast. This way your tattoo is of great quality and you can be really proud of it.

Realistic Tattoos

Getting a realistic tattoo takes time. It is very time consuming to transfer an image to the body as well as possible. Our tattoo artists work with care and passion to make the tattoo as beautiful as possible, so that you can be proud of it.

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