Tribal Tattoos

A tribal tattoo can usually be recognized by the thicker black geometric lines and shapes. The designs of tribal tattoos vary widely, so you can opt for asymmetrical or symmetrical designs. With one tattoo it looks like a random pattern has been drawn, with the other a face or shape is created.
The differences in tribal tattoos make it a nice variant for a sleeve. You can opt for both a classic and a modern style. Thanks to the simple lines, a beautiful design emerges. Because of the thickness of the lines, a tribal tattoo is often chosen as a cover-up. This way you can disguise an old tattoo.

At Stamen tattoo we have the right knowledge and experience to design and set a beautiful tribal. Tell us your wishes, we will then make your tattoo according to your wishes.

Tribal Tattoo

The tribal tattoo originates from ancient tribes, where they were used for various rituals and as a mark of a certain rank. In recent years, however, it has become very popular again to opt for a tribal design. This is often put on the lower back, or as a sleeve on the upper arm.

Some examples of tribal tattoos are:
aztec tattoos
sleeve tattoos
modern tribals

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