Minimalist Tattoos

Would you like to get a tattoo? But do you want it to stay small and less noticeable? Then opt for a minimalist tattoo. This tattoo, also called minimalistic tattoo, has become very popular in recent years.

A minimalist tattoo is a tattoo where simplicity is paramount. The clean lines and open spaces around the lines are especially characteristic here. Often only 1 color is used with a realistic tattoo. It's a style that's reflected in your craft on the wrists, ankles, neck or hands. Yet a minimalist tattoo does not have to be small and there are countless possibilities, entirely according to your wishes.

A minimalist tattoo requires a lot of patience and a very stable hand. It is important that the lines are taut, because every mistake stands out. Choose an experienced tattoo shop that has experience in the field of minimalist tattoos.

Getting a minimalist tattoo takes more time than you think. It is important to work very finely. Our tattoo artists work with care and passion to make the tattoo as beautiful as possible, so that you can be proud of it.

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Do you have questions about getting a minimalist tattoo? Please contact us. We would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities!